The Phono II

In Production

"It bridges the gap between tubes and solid state with a wonderful and very holographic sound... It just might take any glare you have in your phono system away. Wonderful performance."

Peter Breuninger, AV Showrooms.

The ultimate experience in phono pre-amplification

  • Connect up to three different tonearms/cartridge combinations
  • Simple switching from Moving Coil to Moving Magnet cartridges
  • Stepwise Gain control: 40-50-60-66 db
  • Over 120 options to optimize Moving Coil loading impedance
  • Over 20 options to optimize Moving Magnet capacitance
  • Standby, Mute and Run options
  • Stereo/Mono; Polarity; Low Pass filter options
  • Unique ability to accurately set and correct cartridge azimuth alignment

All these functions appear on the front panel of the Phono II

The rear panel continues the unprecedented versatility of the Phono II. All three inputs and outputs can be operated through single ended (RCA connectors) or balanced (XLR) operation. AC can be accessed through the supplied shielded cable or by the user’s choice. The Phono II also allows for the user to customize parameters to accommodate cartridges with unusual loading requirements.

All models now include specially modified "RiZE" footers from CRITICAL MASS SYSTEMS

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Phono II front image
Phono II front with door open image
Phono II side front image
Phono II back image