The Phono III

In Production

"The sensation of a live piano recital delivered through the DSA Phono III stared me in the ear. The sonic picture was absolutely spectacular. It left me aquiver."

Michael Fremer, Stereophile, July 2021

The Analogue Lover’s Dream Come True

It was a phono preamplifier, the Phono ONE, that heralded the arrival of Dynamic Sounds Associates on the audiophile map almost 20 years ago. This was followed by the acclaimed DSA Phono II. Now, with the introduction of the Phono III, Doug Hurlburt has continued his practice of setting new, and ever higher bars, for this class of audio component.

The breadth of the Phono III features speaks for themselves:

  • Supports up to three different tonearm/cartridge combinations using either unbalanced, or fully balanced inputs.
  • Simple selection of Moving Coil or Moving Magnet loading for each input.
  • Gain steps of: 40dB, 46dB, 50dB, 56dB, 60dB, 66dB with 0.2dB accuracy.
  • The gain settings for each input are stored in memory and are loaded on input selection. Gain can also be set from the remote control.
  • Moving Coil loading resistance adjustable in 10 ohm increments from 10 ohms to 2550 ohms for each input for a total of 255 distinct settings.
  • Moving Magnet loading capacitance adjustable in 10pF steps from 120pF to 1400pF for each input for a total of 127 distinct settings.
  • An internal memory stores the loading for each input; the stored values are recalled and loaded on input selection. These settings can also be adjusted using the remote control.
  • Digital LED display showing the cartridge loading in use for the selected input.
  • Option for “custom” loading on one of the inputs. This loading is not stored in Memory but is selected when that input is chosen.
  • Stereo/Mono operation and Low Pass filter options selectable from front panel.
  • Phase inversion selectable from the front panel or remote control.
  • Unique ability to accurately set and correct cartridge azimuth alignment.
  • Three operating modes, Standby, Mute, Run.
  • Four additional playback equalization curves, plus the RIAA equalization curve, selectable from the front panel for each input
  • Remote control that permits the user to control the following during playback:
  • Cartridge loading
  • Gain
  • Display LED intensity
  • Phase inversion
  • Mute/Run

The rear panel continues the unprecedented versatility of the Phono II. All three inputs for both Left and Right channels have connectors for unbalanced (RCA connectors) or fully balanced (XLR) operation. The output has connectors for both unbalanced and balanced outputs for each channel. The AC power connector houses both line fuses and the main power On/Off switch. Users are free to use either the supplied shielded power cable or one of their choosing.

All models now include specially modified "RiZE" footers from CRITICAL MASS SYSTEMS

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Phono III front image
Phono III back view image
Phono III center panel image
Phono III remote control