The Phono-ONE

No longer in production

The Phono-One is our unsurpassed phono stage preamplifier. It has no coupling capacitors in the audio amplification chain to ensure that there is no loss of the micro-dynamics and details that are critical to the finest in LP sound reproduction. Yet, through the use of an innovative design it remains very stable and resistant to DC drifts over years of operation. This unique design, results in a unit whose uncompensated –3dB bandwidth greatly exceeds that required for accurate reproduction of the audio spectrum with a –3dB low frequency point of 2Hz. The RIAA compensation, accurate to ± 0.2dB, is achieved through the use of passive low pass filter networks located between the gain stages of the amplifier chain. Our design approach provides a phono stage preamplifier with very low distortion, combined with a dynamic range and transient response that is unmatched. Because our design uses no global or inter-stage feedback, the Phono-One is also immune to transient inter-modulation (TIM) distortion, a source of “glare” or high frequency harshness often found in other phono stages.

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Phono I front image
Phono I box open displaying internal circuitry image
Phono I electronics image
Phono I back image