The Amp I

In Production

“There was no way to anticipate the impact the pair of Amp Is had on our system. Sound burst forth from the loudspeakers with beauty, texture and emotion. These are powerful but gentle beasts.”

Mike Garner, Tweek Geek

Thirty years ago DSA Founder and Principal Designer Douglas Hurlburt designed “his” power amplifier. His goal was to create a solid-state stereo amplifier that would produce 125 watts/channel of pure Class A power.

As Dynamic Sounds Associates continued its growth in the audiophile marketplace, it became time to revisit the paradigm of a Class A power amplifier.

Introducing Amp I -- Hurlburt’s magnum opus and in every way a dramatic improvement over what was developed three decades ago.
The proof of the design’s genius will, of course, be in the listening -- but be prepared to experience a limitless sense of dynamic expression without any image compression or collapse coupled with a sonic imprint that is natural, sweet and always musical.

All models now include specially modified "RiZE" footers from CRITICAL MASS SYSTEMS

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Amp 1 front image
Pre 1 front with door open image
Amp 1 back image